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75 Years of Innovation and Counting

Thank You for Making Hopkins Medical Products What It Is Today


Hopkins Uniforms

Hopkins Uniform Company designs the first standard community health nurse uniform for the Public Health Service.


Registered Nurse Pin

Hopkins Uniform Company offers customer pins and pages for Visiting Nurses; VNA adopts uniform.


First Lady Betty Ford and nurses on White House lawn

First Lady of the United States, Betty Ford, celebrates the 75th anniversary of Visiting Nurses on the White House lawn.


Hopkins Medical Products logo circa 1983

Hopkins Uniform Company becomes Hopkins Medical Products (HMP) and the company begins to transition from uniforms to medical products.


Home Health Bag with fold-down flap

HMP designs the first home health bags with a fold-down work area


Hopkins otoscope and sphygmomanometer

HMP expands its medical products division, introduces the Hopkins Otoscope, and develops an exclusive line of quality engineered blood pressure equipment.

Late 1980's

Woman in 1980s fashion with medical bag over her shoulder

Public Health Nurses are no longer required to wear uniforms; HMP officially discontinues uniform production.


Medical laptop bag, laptop and stethoscope

HMP launches its first bag with 21st-century features for nurses carrying laptops and cell phones.


Hopkins Home Health Starter Kit

HMP Introduces the first Home Health Starter Kit and the first Antimicrobial Bag Barriers.


Hopkins MRSA Kit

HMP introduces the Hopkins MRSA kit, a convenient single-patient-use diagnostic solution.


Computer mouse

HMP goes online at HopkinsMedicalProducts.com


Hopkins Rolling Medical Bag

HMP introduces the first Rolling Med Bag.


Hopkins EZ View Medical Bag

HMP introduces the EZ-View Med Bag designed to organize and access smaller healthcare items.


Hopkins Pulse Oximeter

HMP introduces the Hopkins® Pulse Oximeter with an emphasis on cost-effective durability.



HMP’s Fulfillment Team reaches a record 95 days without error.


Hopkins Mom and Newborn Pulse Oximeter Kit

HMP introduces the Newborn & Mom Pulse Oximeter Kit, allowing caregivers to monitor neonatal and adult patients conveniently with the same product.


Hopkins Antimicrobial Home Health Bag

Hopkins introduces new antimicrobial protection into home health nursing bags.


Hopkins launches new 4-Wheeled Rolling Med Bag with antimicrobial protection.

2020 and beyond

Hopkins celebrates its 75th anniversary by strengthening its reputation as a leading innovator in the healthcare supply industry. We will continue to exceed our customers’ expectations through our tireless dedication to product development and peerless customer service.