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Customer Testimonials

"Found a great bag for home visits. Easy checkout! Shipping was fast. My order arrived days before I was expecting it. The quality of the bag is great and worth the price. I would recommend this store for medical supplies and I'm sure I'll be making purchases in the future because this was a great experience."
- Jamie from WA

"I just ordered my second shoulder bag (Mark V EXL) and I'm sure hoping it is the same bag and the same exceptional quality! My first bag, alas, has developed a tear in the fabric in one place due to the fantastic number of working years on the bag - so I'm retiring it. Its over 15 years old! Two years ago a harness maker repaired the one handle that ripped out from the body of the bag - you could not even tell that it was repaired and its still in excellent shape, but for that aforementioned recent tear of fabric in one area (its a hard working / stress area on the topside of bag between the zippered openings of two compartments. Thanks so much, Hopkins, for the years of wear and good looks that your product provided me."
- Home Health Nurse from OH

"I placed an order with your company for a teaching stethoscope two days ago and this afternoon when I arrived home from work, the package was at my doorstep. I was so impressed with your service that I am going to mention using your company for our business/healthcare supplies if the need arises. I had attempted two other times using different companies online but the product was either on back order or it would take 5-7 days to ship. You should be very proud of your company. You truly are an excellent steward of what customer service should be. Job well done and again I thank you very much."
- Assistant Director of Nursing from New Berlin, PA

"We are a small agency and we want consistency and quality without paying a small fortune. This bag and this company seem to fit that bill."
- Clinical Director for Home Infusion Pharmacy from Hammonton, NJ

"I do not use the Shoulder Bags the nurses use, but I order them. They selected the Hopkins Mark V for several reasons - but most of all because, as Public Health Home Visiting Nurses, they carry alot of information and equipment and need a bag with lots of pockets. For fun one day we weighed one in at 18 pounds! Our nurses have been using the same bags for 2 1/2 years now and we've only had one of them tear - the others are still going strong."
- Homecare Office Coordinator from Grand Junction, CO

"Fantastic!!! I have been all over the internet trying to find a bag that suits my needs. I want lots of pockets so that I am not just dumping everything into one big bag. I love the organization this bag offers."
- LTC Nurse from Indianapolis, IN

"Have been using this product (SKU # 530638) for more than 15 years & find it excellent for daily home health visits. I used the previous model as well & have never found the need for any other item."
- Home Health Nurse from Boca Raton, FL

"I used to have a scale bag from Hopkins with a different employer. I liked it alot and that is why I am ordering one today and paying for it myself."
-R.N. from Bear, DE