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Your Favorite Bags Now Have an Additional Layer of Protection

Shop Hopkins Medical Bags - The First to Feature Microban®

For over 70 years, Hopkins Medical Products has provided home healthcare and other medical professionals with top-quality medical bags and other essentials designed to make their difficult jobs easier.

Effective organization and infection control have always been top priorities of ours, so we are pleased to present to you the perfect combination of the two!

Hopkins Antimicrobial Medical Bags include all of the beloved features of your favorite bags plus an additional layer of protection. They are made with Microban, which helps prevent organisms from growing and colonizing on materials.

Here's a question we get a lot: Are these bags also antibacterial? Yes! These bags are antimicrobial, meaning they are ALSO antibacterial! Antimicrobial protection covers a much broader scope of organisms than antibacterial protection.

Not all antimicrobial medical bags are created equal. Does your medical bag or nursing bag pass the test? Ours do! To ensure effectiveness, we had our bags tested in an independent, third-party facility. You can read the results here.

Before we launched our antimicrobial medical bags, we made sure they passed testing for antimicrobial activity. Don't settle for a medical bag that has not passed the test. For your safety and your patients', trust Hopkins Medical Products Antimicrobial Medical Bags & Totes.