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Nail Clippers

Nail Clippers and Tweezers from Hopkins Medical

At Hopkins Medical, we strive to simplify every aspect of healthcare for medical professionals like you. We believe that nail clippers should only cut nails, not corners. All of our clippers, nippers, and tweezers are made to last and provide you and your patients with safe, precision cutting and plucking capability.
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Home healthcare workers often work with geriatric and disabled patients who need help with grooming. Nail care is an essential aspect of health and appearance. Overgrown nails not only make the patient feel uncomfortable but also pose hazards. Patients may end up accidentally scratching themselves, resulting in injuries. Very long nails can lead to fungal and bacterial infections, leading to potentially life-threatening complications in patients with preexisting medical conditions. This is where nail clippers help. Good-quality nail clippers are safe and easy to use and offer optimal precision, cutting the nails and trimming the corners. There are several varieties to choose from, each offering excellent trimming and cutting capability. A set of nail clippers and nail tweezers is a must in the arsenal of every home healthcare worker.

Top tips to keep in mind when shopping for nail clippers

Alongside measuring and diagnostic equipment like scales and measurement, home healthcare workers require a variety of clippers and medical tweezers, which help in grooming and wound care. It's important to consider a few critical points when selecting clippers for patient care. Nail clippers need to be sharp and strong so they can trim nails precisely. Look for clippers that feature a durable material like stainless steel. They must be handy and compact so they can fit easily in the kit or pouch that most home healthcare professionals carry to work. Ensure there is no gap between the edges. To check this, hold the clipper up to the light and gently close it. Clippers with gaps do not cut nails accurately, leading to uncut or ripped nails.

Types of clippers and tweezers

When trimming thick toenails, healthcare workers require a large-sized nipper that offers better cutting force. A specialty toenail clipper provides precise and even cutting with a wide opening that fits overgrown toenails well, offering a neat trim. Toenail nippers often feature a fold-out file to level out rough nail edges. A contoured tip helps healthcare workers clean under the nails of patients, giving them a high-quality nail grooming experience. The slant-tip tweezer with an angled edge is a convenient tool to get rid of extra hair strands. The slanted tip provides extra precision to grasp the finest strand of hair.

Check out Hopkins Medical Products® for a wide selection of patient grooming accessories. Various diagnostic tools like spirometry devices are available to help provide holistic care and treatment to patients at home.