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Home Health Bags

The Bags Designed Specifically to Meet Your Needs

We started our bag line with our Home Health Bags, which set the industry standard for what's expected in a homecare bag and have been favorites of our customers for nearly 40 years.

We created our line of Home Health Bags to address every challenge dedicated medical professionals face on a daily basis. Our bags feature a distinctive design that supports proper body carrying techniques to help prevent injuries to dedicated home health professionals. They also include:

  • Fold-down work area to help limit the spread of germs
  • Adjustable shoulder straps that ease pressure on the shoulders
  • Mesh pockets that keep supplies in view and allow for easy access to frequently used supplies
  • Ample storage space

21st Century Plus Nursing Bag

EZ-View Med Bag

Hopkins Home Health Shoulder Bag

Hopkins Mark V ExL Shoulder Bag