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9 Reasons We Love Home Healthcare Nurses

9 Reasons We Love Home Healthcare Nurses

However much praise a home healthcare nurse receives on any given day probably isn’t enough.

According to the most recent statistics from the National Association for Home Care & Hospice, there are about 12 million home healthcare patients in the United States. Just over a million home healthcare professionals possess the knowledge, ability, and heart to accept this demanding role. Every one of them deserves our deepest appreciation.

Here are 9 reasons we love home healthcare nurses.

  1. They are compassionate: This is a career that attracts men and women whose passion lies in caring for others. Home healthcare nurses put their patients’ comfort and needs above their own. When patients tell their nurses they’re in pain, they will do whatever is within their power to help
  2. They are fantastic listeners: When home healthcare nurses ask their patients how they’re feeling this morning, it’s not an empty courtesy. It’s an opportunity to be open about any perceived progress or pain. Sometimes the fix is as easy as a repositioned pillow. Other times, the concern is far greater. Home healthcare nurses are a direct and effective line of communication to patients’ physicians.
  3. They are trustworthy: For 17 straight years, nurses have topped an annual Gallup public poll that ranks professions in terms of trustworthiness, besting medical doctors, firefighters, and members of the clergy. It’s a distinction that comes as little surprise to those who have observed their honesty and ethical standards. Nurses, especially home healthcare nurses, are tireless patient advocates.
  4. They maintain professionalism: Emotions can reach a fever pitch in a home healthcare environment. Frustration, embarrassment, and trauma can be overwhelming on occasion, and this sometimes manifests itself in uncomfortable ways. Home healthcare nurses are experts at recognizing these situations for what they are, diffusing them to the best of their ability, and focusing on patient care.
  5. They are patient: Providing the best care can be difficult when concerned family members and friends want to be as close as possible to their loved ones, especially in hospice environments. The diplomacy, tact, and balance required of home healthcare nurses to allow the time a patient’s support network needs and to provide the best care possible is unparalleled.
  6. They possess incredible emotional strength: Home healthcare nursing is an emotional rollercoaster. Peaks and valleys can occur within days or even hours. It takes amazing character to go with the flow and allow no difficult situation to consume or desensitize. These nurses are the epitome of grace.
  7. They are hard workers: It’s not uncommon for home healthcare nurses to be on the road for eight hours, brave inclement weather, and eat all of the day’s meals in their vehicles. Their needs take a backseat to their patients’ during every home visit. They know the importance of their role and what they must do or forego to ensure others’ comfort and recovery.
  8. They don’t fear the unknown: Experienced home healthcare nurses have seen it all at patient care sites. Extreme poverty. Disastrous living conditions. And, maybe worst of all, a noticeable lack of family and friend support. Every patient has his or her own unique set of challenges and difficulties. Home healthcare nurses excel at addressing the needs of the patient as a whole.
  9. They are continuing learners: Home healthcare is a dynamic and evolving field. To stay on top of the latest developments, home healthcare nurses must continuously update their knowledge and education via attaining and maintaining numerous accreditations and certifications. It’s a time consuming endeavor, but one that pays off in the expertise demonstrated in every successful patient outcome.

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