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How Home Healthcare Workers Can Avoid Cross-Contamination Risks

As a mobile healthcare worker, spreading infection from home to home is a serious concern. From unsanitary living conditions to poor patient hygiene, there are a number of ways cross-contamination can occur while you work.

We understand the importance of protecting yourself, your patients, and your family from the germs and infectious diseases that cross your path during your average workday. Below are a few simple solutions designed to reduce your cross-contamination risks.

Stock supplies sensibly

It's important to stock your med bag or vehicle with quick, convenient solutions that reduce the spread of infection. Your number one allies in the fight against cross-contamination are hand sanitizer and hand wipes that quickly and effectively kill germs and viruses. Small germicidal spray bottles are also perfect for disinfecting surfaces on the go.

Protect your bag

Simply setting your bag down can create cross-contamination risks. The bottom of your bag can easily become a host to bacteria and viruses that are eventually transported to your car, another patient's house, and potentially your own home. Protect the bottom of your bag and create a clean work area with antimicrobial and water-repellent bag barriers.

Mind the bugs

Bed bugs can also be a concern for home healthcare workers. Bed Bug & Flea Spray kills bed bugs, fleas, and ticks on contact, preventing them from infesting your nursing bag or clothing.

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