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Accessories for Getting the Most Out of Your Medical Bag

Once you’ve purchased one of our acclaimed Hopkins medical bags, consider exploring all the ways you can accessorize it to truly make it your own.

No healthcare supplier knows medical bags as well as we do. For over 70 years, we’ve been the industry leader when it comes to medical bag selection and reputation. When another healthcare professional or coworker sees our Hopkins tag on your medical bag, they know that you care about quality. To us, there is no greater affirmation than that.

To complement your medical bag, we carry a variety of organization, infection control, security, and safety solutions as well as items that will make your daily rounds even more comfortable.

We hope you’ll enjoy browsing our selection of medical bag accessories designed to improve your efficiency, protect against cross-contamination, safeguard PHI, and keep your rounds running smoothly all day.


  • Instrument Accessory Carry Case: This case makes a great home for your stethoscope, scissors, thermometers, and other frequently used equipment. Its slim size fits easily into medical bags and backpacks. Inside you’ll find four interior pouches and six elastic loops for all your favorite tools.
  • Utility Responder Holster Pack: For your smaller medical instruments and supplies, you can’t go wrong with this convenient attachment, which goes great on both belts and bags. The Holster Pack is lightweight, foam lined, and reinforced with heavy nylon thread.
  • Bag Organizer Insert: A truly unique and adaptive accessory, this insert will transform an ordinary medical tote into an organizational powerhouse. It includes six mesh and four padded outer pockets and a lar


  • Reusable Antimicrobial Bag Barrier: To reduce cross-contamination risks from facility to facility or home to home, lay your bag and its contents out on this easily cleanable vinyl barrier. They are treated with Microban® to inhibit growth of gram-positive and gram-negative organisms.
  • Disposable Water Repellent Bag Barriers: If you don’t want to worry about wiping down your barrier after every home visit, go with the single-use style. They are highly water repellent and come in backs of 100 or 500.
  • Bag Compliance Kit: This ready-made infection control kit makes bag compliance easy. Each kit includes disposable bag barriers, disinfectant, latex gloves, hand soap, hand towels, and a luggage tag. They make life extremely convenient when you don’t have time to sweat the small stuff.
  • Soil Guard: A cousin of our bag barriers, these durable polyester coverings are perfect for organizing on the fly. As you shuffle around healthcare supplies in the back of your vehicle, the Soil Guard keeps them free of bumper grime and will also protect your bumper from scratches. Win-win.


  • Locks/HIPAA Solutions: From key locks to combination locks and everything in between, we have every lock you could possibly need to keep your PHI secure and ensure your compliance. We carry them all because we know that all healthcare professionals have their own personal preference. Are you a key person or a combo person? Or maybe you like paddle style. Find them all here along with the bags that complement them best.