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We consider 3M™ Littmann® stethoscopes a gold standard in the world of diagnostics and patient care. Precision-crafted to cater to the needs of medical workers in a variety of clinical settings, Littmann stethoscopes deliver superior acoustics to help healthcare practitioners diagnose, assess, and monitor patients accurately. The popularity of the brand makes it an easy target for counterfeiters. With many duplicates and fraudulent varieties of Littmann stethoscopes circulating, it's easy to fall prey to this trap. As a healthcare professional striving to offer the highest quality patient care, it's important to pay careful attention when buying a Littmann stethoscope. Since it's tricky to find out if you're buying a genuine Littmann product, we've put together a handy buying guide that tells you how to identify an original Littmann stethoscope.

Top Tips to Identify a Real Littmann Stethoscope

How can you tell if your Littmann stethoscope is real? This is a common dilemma most clinicians face when putting together their diagnostics supplies. Here are a few ways to figure out whether the piece is legitimate:


Littmann stethoscopes are top-of-the-line products and feature a premium price point. Some dealers may offer a discount on them, but if you see prices dipping too low, down in the  $30–$40 range, the pieces may be fake. Only a counterfeit retailer could sell such high-quality stethoscopes at extremely low rates, and this should immediately flag a concern. Before heading out to buy a Littmann piece, it's a smart idea to visit the Littmann official website to know more about their products, prices, and authorized dealers. This gives you an idea about the pricing of genuine Littmann stethoscope models. Many authorized dealers offer discounts, but knowing the price range of authentic pieces helps you recognize a steep fall in prices that will instantly send alarm signals that you're probably dealing with a fake item.

Authorized Dealers

Wondering where to buy a Littmann stethoscope to ensure authenticity? 3M authorized dealers and resellers are the best bet. When purchasing online, check for the Authorized Dealer tag to confirm the genuineness of the retailer. If the dealer is not 3M approved, the chances of landing a fake item are higher. Buying from an authorized retailer also means you can get more out of the product, including local warranties that cover repairs and free replacement parts in case of manufacturing or material defects.

Hopkins Medical Products® is an authorized dealer for Littmann stethoscopes and replacement parts, offering healthcare workers a variety of Littmann models to choose from. Hopkins also offers blood pressure unit accessories and other medical supplies to help mobile health workers deliver the best quality patient care.


Littmann stethoscopes are top-of-the-line tools with outstanding acoustics and high performance that make them an indispensable part of every clinician's nursing bag. Original Littmann stethoscopes feature well-finished packaging with a seal and a durable holder in the shape of the instrument, along with extra earpieces and manuals. Scan the cover and packaging to see if everything is in order. A tampered seal, loose items, or sketchy packing may be telltale signs the product is counterfeit.


Pay close attention to the various parts of the Littmann stethoscope before purchase. These include:

  • Eartips: An original Littmann stethoscope has soft-sealing ear tips that offer an ergonomic fit for optimal wearing comfort and an excellent acoustic seal. If the earpiece feels too hard or firm, you're probably looking at a counterfeit and should steer clear.
  • Tubing: If there's one key component of the Littmann stethoscope that can clearly indicate whether the item is genuine, it's the tubing. The original stethoscope features tubing made from high-quality, latex-free material that's highly flexible and retains its shape even when bent. Imitation pieces feature stiffer tubing that may not feel supple and bendable. Knowing this subtle difference can help medical professionals instantly recognize a phony Littmann stethoscope and stay away from it.
  • Logo: 3M is taking steps to counter the problem of fake Littmann stethoscopes in the market. As part of this drive, newly produced items carry the Littmann logo as a hologram on the underside of the box. The next time you're wondering how to identify an original Littmann stethoscope, check out the hologram logo to make the right choice.

Littmann Stethoscope Buying Guide: Top FAQs

A Littmann stethoscope, alongside diagnostic equipment like pulse oximeters, thermometers, and sphygmomanometers, plays a pivotal role in offering excellent patient care. Below are answers to common questions when buying a Littmann stethoscope.

How Do I Know for Sure That I Am Purchasing an Authentic Littmann Stethoscope?

The best way to ensure that you're investing only in a genuine Littmann stethoscope is to purchase through an authorized dealer like Hopkins Medical Products. To see the list of approved retailers, visit Littmann.com. Also, look for sellers who show the Littmann Authorized Dealer badge on their website or in their store. Authorized dealers are knowledgeable and offer a wide range of Littmann stethoscopes, so you can find the model that best suits your diagnostic and specialty needs.

I Accidentally Bought a Counterfeit Littmann Stethoscope. Can I Still Use It?

A fake Littmann stethoscope is of inferior quality, with reduced acoustic performance. An imitation product may fail in the long-term, and you might miss picking up vital sounds in patients. The best way to avoid these issues is to purchase the Littmann stethoscope from an authorized dealer, so you're guaranteed a genuine piece.

How To Choose a Stethoscope?

The top feature to consider when buying a stethoscope is how well you can hear. Slip on a Littmann stethoscope and place the tunable diaphragm on your chest under light pressure to hear the heartbeat. An authentic Littmann stethoscope helps you hear a heartbeat more than four times louder than many other brands — this makes a world of difference when you're examining patients, allowing for the most accurate diagnosis. Check out this detailed buying guide to find more information on various models of Littmann stethoscopes and their top features.

Also, inspect the key components of the stethoscope for maximum wearing comfort, durability, and ease of examination. For instance, a Littmann stethoscope has a bendable headset that flexes easily as you examine the patient. The ear tips must be symmetrical for the perfect acoustic seal and superior comfort. Littmann ear tips have a soft feel that fits into the ears without causing discomfort or irritation. Finally, a Littmann stethoscope feels lightweight and comfortable when draped around the neck.

This Littmann stethoscope buying guide can help you decipher a fake piece from a genuine product. Keeping in mind these features ensures you're investing in a Littmann stethoscope that will bring more value to your profession as a healthcare provider.

For more patient care equipment and supplies, check out Hopkins Medical Products.