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Foam Tipped Wound Measuring Stick, Sterile

This soft foam tipped wound measuring device (DM Stick) features a foam tip on a flexible polystyrene handle. The handle is printed with a graduated metric scale, indented at 1/2 cm intervals. A new and improved foam tip is slightly longer than the original. Tip diameter remains the same, but will now be secured farther along the semi-rigid plastic shaft, adding more soft material at the tip as well as security to the bond.

  • Measures: pressure ulcers, stomach and surgical wounds
  • Effective for podiatry use
  • Used in forensics and evidence collection
  • Emergency rooms, long-term care facilities, etc.

The Foam Tipped Wound Measuring Stick, Sterile is a 6" accurate wound measuring device. It features a foam tip at 0.5cm that helps protect the wound from further injury. The wound measuring stick has a metric scale with calibrations of 0.5cm intervals for accurate and easy reading. Its sterility and single-use features prevent cross-infection. The DM stick manufacturer uses an unbreakable plastic handle that allows it to bend or flex without fracturing. It has additional notations in centimeters at the back of the sterile wrapper. The wound measuring stick is a specialized tool that safely measures decubitus ulcers and tunneling wounds.

Review Summary

Foam Tipped Wound Measuring Stick, Sterile

Accurate Wound Size Measurement

  • Accurate wound measurement device
  • 6" Overall Length
  • Indented foam tip at 0.5cm
  • Graduated measurement-scale polystyrene shaft
Foam Tipped Wound Measuring Stick, Sterile 50/PK
Estimated ship date of 05/24/2021
Foam Tipped Wound Measuring Stick, Sterile 200/PK
Estimated ship date of 07/01/2021
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