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OB Emergency Delivery Kit

  • One pair of sterile exam gloves
  • One disposable plastic apron
  • One 17" x 24" under pad
  • One 48" x 36" drape sheet
  • Four absorbent towels
  • Two OB towelettes
  • Four sterile 4" x 3" gauze sponges
  • One sterile #10 scapel
  • One sterile OB Pad
  • One sterile 2 oz bulb syringe
  • Twoalcohol prep pads
  • Two sterile Posi-Grip umbilical cord clamps
  • One clear poly bag with tie
  • One white poly bag with tie

Review Summary

OB Emergency Delivery Kit

A Must-Have for Emergency Delivery Situations

  • Contains all the necessary equipment for emergency delivery situations
  • Also known as a precipitous birth kit
Emergency OB/Precipitous Birth Kit
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