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Specimen Transport Tote Accessories


Specimen Transport Tote Accessories hold and keep test tubes in an upright position, which helps avoid spillage. These accessories have easy-to-clean surfaces so everything remains hygienic. Pick-and-pluck precut foam with this specimen transport tote allows for a customized arrangement of specimen. The second-tier case for specimen protection has a snap closure that keeps the tubes secure. It comprises a tough case that's spacious and accommodates up to four foam inserts, enabling it to carry numerous specimens. Inserts range from foam tube racks to urine cup foam racks. The protective case is clear, making it easy to see the specimen tube racks inside.

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Specimen Transport Tote Accessories

Latex Free

Upright Tube Specimen Transport Essentials

  • Holds tubes upright
  • Customize arrangements with pick-and-pluck, pre-cut foam
  • Second-tier protection case has snap closure
  • Hard-shell case accommodates up to four foam inserts
Hard Plastic Insert • Holds 4 foam inserts (sold separately) • OD: 13"W x 7.5"D x 5"H • ID: 12.5"W x 6.5"D x 4"H
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Transport Tote Accessories
Hard Plastic Insert for ML16819 • 7.375"W x 6.625"D x 4.75"H
In Stock. Ready to Ship.
21-Place Foam Tube Rack • 6"L x 2.75"W x 2.75"H
In Stock. Ready to Ship.
Urine Cup Foam Rack • 6"L x 2.75"W x 2.5"H • Holds two 90mL or 120mL Cups
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