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Ostomy Pouching Trainer


Ostomy Pouching Trainer™ Includes:
  • Ostomy Pouching Trainer pad
  • Simulated urine-liquid concentrate
  • Simulated stool-powder concentrate
  • 2 Velcro belts
  • 35mL luer-lock syringe
  • Urostomy stoma
  • Flush stoma
  • End stoma
  • Loop stoma
  • User manual

Review Summary

Ostomy Pouching Trainer

Latex Free

Teach Patients Proper Pouching Techniques

  • Trainer helps prepare patients for ostomy pouching
  • Helps teach proper pouching techniques to maintain healthy skin while developing optimal hand-eye coordination
  • Life-sized model allows patients to visualize stomas' locations and functions, including the discharge from them
  • Training pad is reversible and rotatable, allowing the opening of the stoma placement to be exposed and positioned on the patient’s left or right side
  • Encourages patients to have a better understanding of their condition
  • Velcro belts create a secure, comfortable fit on patients
Ostomy Pouching Trainer™
Simulated Urine for Ostomy Trainer
Simulated Stool for Ostomy Trainer
Velcro Belt for Use with Pad
35mL Luer Lock Syringe
Urostomy Stoma with Stents
End Stoma
Loop Stoma
Flush Stoma
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