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Single-Use Thermometer

NexTemp Precision Phase-Charge thermometers are proven under clinical conditions and meets stringent ASTM accuracy requirements. Disposable thermometers reduce the risk of cross infection or re-infection and replace glass-mercury thermometers. Self-contained, no circuits, no moving parts, no covers. These single-use thermometers are made of thin, flexible plastic strips with a grid of dots at one end. Improved accuracy means fewer retake, reads directly and will not over fire or predict, and can be used orally or under arm.

  • Have been proven under clinical conditions to meet stringent accuracy requirements
  • Easier to use and read than their predecessor dot-matrix thermometers. Contrasting color pattern and new enhanced signal "embossed" dots improve visibility under a wide-variety of lighting conditions
  • Temperature range: Fahrenheit 96°F to 104.8°F or Celsius 35.5°C to 40.4°C
  • Requires only normal storage conditions. NexTemp will not "fire" prematurely, nor do they require placing in a freezer for hours to "re-set"
  • Non-toxic, contains no halogenated nitrobenzene like older dot-matrix devices. Conforms to ASTM E-1299-96 and NIST 250-23

Review Summary

Single-Use Thermometer

Single-Patient Thermometers Reduce Cross-Contamination Risk

  • Each individually sealed NexTemp Thermometer is designed to help reduce the risk of cross-infection or re-infection that could occur with other thermometry systems
Single Use Clinical Thermometer 100/PK
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