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Saljet 30ml Sterile Saline


Easy to use - Just twist off the top and it is ready for use.

Safe - SalJet cannot be recapped and the single dose presentation ensures sterility at each procedure.

Economical - less expensive than other small volume use of sterile saline. SalJet is more cost effective than using expensive irrigation syringes and bottles of saline to cleanse wounds during dressing changes and for cleansing small wound areas. Less product waste and saves time.

Convenient - contained in a light plastic container, SalJet is small enough for a strip of four to fit easily into pockets, cart drawers, med boxes, etc., which means fewer trips to the nursing station for equipment and enables several cleansing procedures to be performed in quick succession.

SalJet Sterile Saline will give either a continuous stream of saline or drop by drop by changing the squeezing pressure on the containers.


Cleanse and irrigate small wounds or change dressings with SalJet 30ml Sterile Saline as a single dose for a fast treatment method. Its design enables home healthcare workers to quickly hold an individual container in one hand as they treat the burn or grazes with ease. The SalJet sterile saline single irrigation or cleansing applications lowers the chance of cross-contamination.

The light plastic containers are small enough to carry a band of four in a pocket, medical boxes, and cart drawers for fewer visits to the nursing station. This SalJet 30ml liquid reduces wasting a large bottle of the sterile solution for one application. Each pack contains 40 single SalJet sterile saline containers with twist-off tops for swift and instant treatment.

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Love Hopkins

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Excellent customer service, quick shipping and great product. Thank you

Saljet 30ml Sterile Saline

Single-Dose Saline Containers

  • Single dose, 1 ounce (30 ml) containers
  • Fast, convenient method of moistening bandages and cleansing minor wounds, burns and grazes
  • Minimizes risk of cross contamination
  • Eliminates wasting a large bottle of sterile saline
  • For irrigation or cleansing use only
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