Review Summary

Lemon Glycerin Swabs

Lemon Glycerin for Oral Lubrication and Saliva Stimulation

  • Provides oral lubrication and stimulates saliva
  • Effective for patients with parched lips, on oxygen, after general anesthesia and drug therapy
  • Also for patients prescribed fluid restricted diets
  • Lint free swabs are impregnated with Lemon Glycerin solution which leaves no undesirable aftertaste
  • U.S.P Glycerin is gentle and soothing
  • Contains Glycerin U.S.P Citric Acid U.S.P., Lemon Flavoring
Lemon Glycerin Swab 50/PK
Lemon Glycerin Swab 500/PK
Estimated ship date of 03/28/2019
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