Made with patented Enhanced Chlorine Technology, CaviWipes Bleach disinfects quicker than any other bleach-based wipe. The disinfectant kills 41 bacteria and viruses, including c.diff, VRE, and MRSA, in three minutes.

Review Summary

CaviWipes™ Bleach Wipes

Bleach-Based CaviWipes Kills 41 Organisms in Three Minutes

  • Three-minute kill time for 41 different organisms, including c.diff
  • Meets recommendations from the CDC for 1:10 bleach dilution
  • Excellent for hard, nonporous surfaces and for use on most medical equipment
  • Requires no PPE during use
  • Low-odor formula
CaviWipes Bleach • 10.5" x 6" • 90 Wipes/Canister
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CaviWipes Bleach • 10.5" x 6" • 90 Wipes/Canister
Estimated ship date of 03/28/2019
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