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Soft, Large Replacement Eartips for Stethoscopes


Replace your stethoscope ear tube tips with this set of high-quality, comfortable Soft Large Replacement Eartips for Stethoscopes. They snap on tight and can easily adapt to older stethoscopes with a conversion kit. Compatible with all models, these eartips for stethoscopes create an acoustic seal with the ear and will not loosen over time. The Adsoft™ Plus Snap-on Eartips Large replacement parts meet all medical health professional equipment standards and are made from a soft, silicone material for added comfort. The cushioned replacement eartips are available in two colors, black and gray.

Review Summary

Soft, Large Replacement Eartips for Stethoscopes

Comfortable Eartips with Excellent Seal

  • Snap-on connection
  • Designed for superior comfort and acoustic seal
  • Eartips for stethoscopes conform to medical professional equipment standards
Adsoft™ Plus Snap-On Eartips Large
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