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Adult Bell-Style Non-Chill Stethoscope Rim


Restore an old W.A. Baum stethoscope with this Adult Bell-Style Nonchill Stethoscope Rim. Worn out parts reduce the efficacy of a stethoscope, hampering accurate auscultation. Designed for an adult W.A Baum stethoscope, this rim has a nonchill feature that provides enhanced patient comfort during examination. This accessory keeps the chest piece working optimally, helping healthcare workers listen precisely. Featuring a neutral gray color, this stethoscope diaphragm rim blends well with most styles of stethoscopes. It's a cost-effective way to revive a key diagnostic tool that's the mainstay of every healthcare worker.

Review Summary

Adult Bell-Style Non-Chill Stethoscope Rim

Replacement Nonchill Rim for W.A. Baum Stethoscopes

  • Gray, adult bell style, non-chill rim for WA stethoscopes
  • This stethoscope rim is compatible with a W.A. Baum stethoscope
  • It has a nonchill feature that enhances patient comfort during physical examination
  • This rim is a cost-effective way to restore a worn-out stethoscope
Welch Allyn Stethoscope Adult Bell Non-Chill Rim- Gray
Estimated ship date of 07/27/2021
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