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Stethoscope Cleaner Restorer and Protector

Specially formulated to clean and disinfect all parts of your stethoscope, Praveni™ Cleaner & Protector revitalizes the instrument's plastic, vinyl, and rubber surfaces without leaving surfaces feeling oily or greasy. The innovative formula creates a protective coating that helps to slow the aging process and protect from UV-light exposure.

Ensure your stethoscope stays clean with this Stethoscope Cleaner, Restorer, and Protector solution. Suitable to clean all parts of the stethoscope, this cleaner enhances plastic, rubber, and vinyl. Specially formulated to clean diagnostic instruments, the Praveni™ stethoscope cleaner gets rid of contaminants and doesn’t leave an oily residue. It contains a special coating that protects the scope from premature aging, cracking, fading, and ultraviolet light exposure. The Praveni cleaner, restorer, and protector solution doesn’t attract dust or cause colors on the scope to bleed. Useful for healthcare workers, this cleaning and restoring liquid gives a stethoscope a fresh lease on life while helping it retain its original colors.

Review Summary

Stethoscope Cleaner Restorer and Protector

Clean and Restore Your Stethoscope

  • Use to clean and disinfect all parts of the stethoscope
  • Protective coating helps slow the aging process
  • Renews and revitalizes vinyl, rubber, and plastic
  • Protects from fading caused by UV-light exposure
  • Helps prevent cracking, fading, discoloration, and premature aging
  • Ideal for use on any diagnostic instrument with rubber, plastic, or vinyl
  • Won't leave treated surfaces feeling oily or greasy
  • Will not cause colors to bleed or attract dust
  • Recommended for monthly use and application with a soft cloth
Praveni™ Stethoscope Cleaner, Restorer and Protector • 4oz
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Praveni™ Stethoscope Cleaner, Restorer and Protector • 4oz
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