S3-Stat-Medical-Tape-Holder S3-Stat-Medical-Tape-Holder

Keep your tape rolls close at hand and easily accessible with this innovative Medical Tape Holder, which hooks onto standard-sized stethoscopes. The lightweight holder is ideal for home healthcare professionals and works as a counterweight to the bell, helping to better balance the stethoscope for added comfort.

Review Summary

S3 Stat Medical Tape Holder

Have Medical Tape Always in Reach

  • Holder hooks to stethoscopes so tape is always easily accessible
  • Allows for rapid tape removal
  • Works as a counterweight to the heavier bell side
  • Slotted-screw design allows holder to fit easily on all standard-sized stethoscopes
  • Durable ABS plastic is flexible and lightweight
  • Holds 1" rolls of tape
S3 Statâ„¢ Medical Tape Holder
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