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Replacement for Wall Mounted Stadiometer EZ-Glide


Obtain accurate height with the Headpiece Replacement for Wall-Mounted Stadiometer EZ-Glide as it fits the standard manufactured wall-mount set. This sturdy headpiece is the same as the original part for easy application. A clear replacement stadiometer headpiece is ideal for accurate reading within 1/8" of height marks on the wall mount. It glides up and down smoothly for consistent interpretations for patient measurements during routine examinations.

The transparent stadiometer headpiece uses a double-bearing headpiece that maintains perpendicularity while sliding across the surface, ensuring precise measurements. It matches the anodized aluminum and lubricity plastic edges of the stadiometer, producing a smooth and quiet bearing action. It uses polycarbonate, an impact-resistant material, which fits a stadiometer measuring 27 5/8" to 76".

Review Summary

Replacement for Wall Mounted Stadiometer EZ-Glide

Rugged, Transparent Replacement Stadiometer Headpiece

  • Sturdy headpiece is designed to maintain perpendicularity with the stadiometer for precise measurements
  • Transparent design makes it easy to view measurements
  • Replacement headpiece for HM686077 and HM686076
Replacement Head Piece for 686076 and 686077
Estimated ship date of 04/01/2021
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