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Replacement White Tightening Knob



Keep an additional Replacement White Tightening Knob on hand for a wall-mounted stadiometer EZ-guide if the original one gets lost or needs replacing. The manufacturer provides a knob designed for the tension spring that controls the headpiece for smooth guiding up and down. Set the headpiece into position, tightening the knob while the patient stands against the stadiometer, enabling growth measurement. 

Releasing the knob is easy when sliding it back up into position after the routine examination. The metal positioning of the handle can immobilize the headpiece when the instrument is not in use. The replacement knob fits both EZ-guide 27-5/8" to 76" and 27-5/8" to 84".

Review Summary

Replacement White Tightening Knob

Latex Free

Replacement Tightening Knob for EZ-Glide Bearing Stadiometers

  • Designed for use with HM686076 and HM686077
  • The replacement tightening knob from the manufacturer ensures an exact fit
  • Each knob controls the tension spring in the stadiometer for ease of use
  • The guide knob helps manage the headpiece for up-and-down positioning
Replacement White Tightening Knob for 686076 and 686077
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