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Single Tube Sprague Stethoscope


The Hopkins Deluxe Sprague Stethoscope with its stainless steel internal valve mechanism that virtually eliminates acoustic leakage and a chestpiece key to facilitate after market service.

Review Summary

Single Tube Sprague Stethoscope

Affordable, Trustworthy Stethoscope Offering Fine Acoustics

  • Threaded chestpiece drum of chrome plated zinc permits the use of five interchangeable chestpiece fittings - an adult and pediatric diaphragm, and three bells (1 1/4", 1" and 3/4") - for complete diagnostic capability in most patients
  • Latex-Free single tube configuration with PVC tubing that is 30% thicker than the tubes used for the standard double tube sprague style stethoscope.
  • The single tube reduces the weight of the scope by 17% to a mere 5.8 ounces.
  • Unique "chestpiece key" facilitates removal of the diaphragm retaining ring
  • Adjustable chrome-plated brass binaurals
  • Length: 22 inches
  • Complete with an accessory pouch containing the bell chestpieces, chestpiece key, 2 spare diaphragms, one pair of mushroom eartips, and one pair of silicon eartips
  • Five year warranty
  • ADC 647
Single Tube Sprague Stethoscope
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