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Chemo Spill Kit

*Nitrile gloves tested for use with Chemotherapy drugs using ASTM D6978. (Gloves are powder free, latex-free, DEHP free and silicone free)

Chemo Spill Kit
  • 4 Pairs of Nitrile Chemotherapy Gloves*
  • Full-Face Safety Shield
  • Chemotherapy Gown
  • Green-Z® Solidifier (21g. Pouch)
  • Scoop & Scraper
  • Wiper Pads (2)
  • Shoe Covers (non-slip)(Dimensions: 12" x 12")
  • Red Bio-hazard Waste Bag (33g)
  • Twist tie
  • Identification tag
  • Instructions

Review Summary

Chemo Spill Kit

Cytotoxic Drug Spill Kit

  • For cleaning up small spills involving cytotoxic drugs
Chemo Spill Kit
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