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Hype-Wipe Towelettes and Dispensers


Disinfect laboratory equipment and countertops with Hype-Wipe Towelettes and Dispensers. The bleach towelettes kill and inactivate C. difficile spores within four minutes of contact. The Hype-Wipe bleach towelettes kill other microorganisms much faster, bringing peace of mind. Each wipe comes saturated with a 0.525% bleach solution, equaling 1:10 dilution as approved by CDC, OSHA, and CLSI for being effective.

The Hype-Wipe disinfectant towels with bleach earned their certification from EPA, showing that the product meets the standards for protecting the environment. Towelettes come individually wrapped and have a shelf-life of one year, ensuring a fresh product with each use. The disinfectant bleach wipes carry expiration dates on each case and packet. For quick access on countertops, an easy-to-clean acrylic dispenser is also available. 

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Hype-Wipe Towelettes and Dispensers

Prop 65

Effective C. Diff Spore Killing Bleach Wipe

  • One pre-saturated bleach wipe per package
  • 0.525% bleach formulation; the 1:10 dilution recommended by CLSI, OSHA, and CDC
  • Registered with EPA
  • Stabilized for a one-year shelf life
  • Expiration date printed on each individual pouch and on outside of each case
Full-Size • 6"L x 12"W towelette • 3"L x 4"W pouch
In Stock. Ready to Ship.
Mini • 3"L x 3"W towelette • 3"L x 3"W pouch
In Stock. Ready to Ship.
Acrylic Dispenser
4.375"W x 4.5"D x 4.875"H
In Stock. Ready to Ship.
  Safe for MRI
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