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NEXTEMP Personal Thermometers

NEXTEMP Personal Thermometers are reusable and packaged in handy wallet-size carriers. These thermometers are a safe and accurate replacement for glass-mercury and electronic digital thermometers. They are designed similar to the single-use version (#571112 and #571111) only with a sturdy plastic and special characteristics for longer shelf life.

Review Summary

NEXTEMP Personal Thermometers

Precision Phase-Charge Thermometers

  • Have been proven under clinical conditions and in millions of accurate temperature readings around the world for nearly 15 years
  • Non-toxic and non-breakable
  • One minute oral temperature readings
  • Can be used orally or under the arm. Easy-to-read contrasting color pattern.
  • Easier to read in varying lighting conditions
  • Can be kept or carried anywhere in the handy wallet card. A required item for frequent travelers.
  • Each unit contains a single thermometer inserted in a credit-card type carrying and storage case
  • Temperature range: 96.0 - 104.8 °F
Personal Reusable Clinical Thermometer with Card
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