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ADC Stethoscopes

Long-Lasting Stethoscopes You Can Trust

Stethoscopes are indispensible patient care tools. Their unique ability to perform a quick and telling examination of the heart and breathing puts them at the top of a healthcare professional's list of essentials. Hopkins Medical understands that different patients and situations require different stethoscopes, which is why we offer a great assortment. Choose the right model for your patients and practice. We have stethoscopes made for teaching, for infants, and more.
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ADC stethoscopes are reliable and easy to use. This quality brand offers a wide variety of different stethoscopes to meet every medical professional's needs. There are pediatric stethoscopes for both infants and older kids and teaching stethoscopes with various features that complement any training and education kit. This allows every medical professional to find the right stethoscope for themselves. All the stethoscopes in this range are durable and lightweight for easy handling.

Find the best fit

The medical stethoscope is typically the first tool that a medicine student purchases, along with a nursing starter kit. For medical professionals who want maximum comfort for their long work hours, there are adjustable stethoscopes. The user can adjust the headset for an optimal fit, and these stethoscopes typically come with ear tips in three different sizes that block external noise effectively. Most stethoscopes are easy to clean and feature a durable stem which comes in the same sturdy material as the chestpiece for optimal sound transfer.

Electronic and analog stethoscopes

There are analog and electronic stethoscopes. The latter can provide amplified sound and reduce the interference of ambient noise. The amplification feature may help workers who suffer from hearing difficulties. Advanced models of electronic stethoscopes can record the sound, making it available to play back later or store in medical records and allow the medical professional to see on a screen what they're hearing, which helps some workers to detect abnormalities easily. Analog stethoscopes typically are more lightweight and portable, which makes it easier to carry them around in a nursing tote. Analog models typically are also sturdier. All stethoscopes from ADC have reliable diaphragms and feature quality materials that ensure comfort for both the professional and the patient as well as durability.

The brand offers professional stethoscopes to handle a wide variety of situations and meet the needs of different patients. Find the right stethoscope for you at Hopkins Medical Products®.

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