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Before you buy an entirely new blood pressure unit, consider that replacement parts could be a much more cost-effective alternative. Over time, should your ADC cuffs and bladders begin to wear, you can restore your BP units with new parts made to fit your favorite models. We offer replacement cuffs for all types of patients as well as tubing and other BP unit necessities.
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Home healthcare professionals require well-functioning diagnostic and recording tools to provide excellent care. Blood pressure measuring devices are a critical component of a healthcare professional's kit. However, with continued use and over time, ADC blood pressure cuffs begin showing signs of wear and tear. For accurate measurement, it's important that all components of a sphygmomanometer function optimally. Instead of buying a new blood pressure recording unit, replacing old parts with newer ones may prove to be more cost-effective. Replacement blood pressure cuffs can restore older blood pressure units, helping medical workers record and monitor patients' important vital signs with precision.

Parts of a blood pressure measuring device

A blood pressure recording device consists of several parts, including the bulb, manometer, cuff, bladder, and valve. The bulb pumps air into the cuff, while the valves enable controlled deflation of the cuff for accurate blood pressure measurement. The manometer measures air pressure in mmHg, and there are several varieties available. The bladder inflates with air and compresses the arm to press the artery. Bladders must comply with specific sizing guidelines to ensure full arterial compression that provides accurate measurements. Replacing blood pressure cuff parts periodically is a smart way to keep the blood pressure measuring device functioning well.

Cuff size and fit matter

ADC blood pressure cuffs hold the bladder around the limb of the patient during measurement. The blood pressure cuff must fit snugly around the patient's arm, or else the device might provide a false reading. If the cuff is too small for the patient's arm, the blood pressure recording will be artificially high, while a loose-fitting cuff causes the measurement to fall below the actual reading. As a home healthcare worker, it's useful to keep a stock of well-fitting cuffs in various sizes. This ensures that you can record the blood pressure of all types of patients accurately, including obese, bariatric, or pediatric patients. Medical professionals need to keep all diagnostic sets in the best working condition to facilitate high-quality patient care.

For healthcare workers looking to restore blood pressure recording units, Hopkins Medical Products® offers blood pressure cuff accessories and replacement parts. Look at our diagnostic equipment that allows medical workers to provide an accurate diagnosis, facilitating effective treatment.

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