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EZ-Shower, the streamlined way to extend a refreshing shampoo to patients in bed. EZ-Shower hangs on a bedpost or IV pole holding two and a half gallons of water, enough to completely shampoo and rinse hair. Use with the inflatable EZ-Shampoo to catch water and soap runoff. Together they allow a companion to quickly shampoo a patient's hair with easy. 

First fill EZ-Shower with warm tap water. The easy-fill spout prevents splashing and snaps shut for a water-tight seal. Next, hang it up by its strong nylon cord. Then grab the flexible hose to direct a gentle shower exactly where it is needed. The convenient "on/off" switch at the end of the hose lets you control water flow. It's that easy.

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Latex Free

Bring a Refreshing Shower Directly to Your Patients' Bed

  • Made of heavy-duty, mildew-resistant vinyl that is backed by a one year limited warranty
  • Lightweight and compact in size, EZ-Shower fills the need for safety, comfort and ease for in-bed shampoos
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