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HIPAA Compliance

How to Avoid HIPAA Violations

Since 2003, HIPAA fines have cost the healthcare industry over $48 million. With the number of complaints received up more than 10,000 since a decade ago, it seems inevitable that the dollar amount will continue to rise.

A recent study from the Ponemon Institute estimates that data breaches of both electronic and paper records cost the healthcare industry $6.2 billion in 2016, with 50% of those breaches caused by mistakes, including unintentional employee actions and stolen computer devices.

According to the Office for Civil Rights, along with lack of safeguards for electronically protected health information, lack of safeguards of protected health information are included in the top five most investigated compliance issues.

Hopkins offers a number of simple, affordable solutions to help you meet HIPAA compliance throughout every aspect of your work:

HM10958 - Secure-View® Privacy Filter
  • Problem: Viewing records on tablets can leave patient info vulnerable
  • Solution: Privacy filters for tablets, iPads, and computer monitors prevent others from viewing from the side while allowing users to easily view the screen
Secure-View® Privacy Filter - HM10958

538000 - Med-Master™ Locking Medication Bag
  • Problem: Prescription drug labels contain sensitive patient information, too, not just traditional documents
  • Solution: Locking medications bags keep prescriptions safe and conceal PHI or, if you're looking for a more economical alternative, check out confidentiality labels
Med-Master™ Locking Medication Bag - 538000

539446 - Lockable PHI Carrier Legal Size Records Bag with Key Lock
  • Problem: You love your med bag, but it doesn't keep patient records or laptop securely stored
  • Solution: There are a variety of records-only bags available that are affordable and easily transportable or you can add a lock to your med bag that has HIPAA-compliant zippers
Lockable PHI Carrier Legal Size Records Bag with Key Lock - 539446

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