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SaniZide Pro® 32oz Disinfectant

Keeping infection prevention supplies well stocked is important. When taking stock of your supplies, be sure to add SaniZide Pro 32oz Disinfectant to your list.

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SaniZide Pro® 32oz Disinfectant

Alcohol-Based Cleaner Sanitizes in 10 Seconds

  • Alcohol-based, ready-to-use, multipurpose, broad-spectrum disinfectant/deodorizer for hard and soft surfaces
  • Sanitizes in 10 seconds, disinfects in 2 minutes
  • Effectively kills 20 different microorganisms in 2 minutes including TB, MRSA, HIV-1, Norovirus, Infuenza A (H1N1), E. coli, and VRE
SaniZide Pro 32oz Spray Bottle
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