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Hopkins Newborn & Mom Pulse Ox Kit


This two-in-one device, allowing the caregiver to monitor neonatal and adult patients with the same product!

  • Screen: 4-Color OLED
  • Display: 4 Rotating Views
  • Auto On/Off: Yes
  • Alarm: Preset for Pulse and SpO2
  • Perfusion Index: Percentage and Waveform Trend
  • Warranty: 3 Year
  • Accuracy: +/-2% 75 to 100% SP02
  • Battery: 2 AAA Batteries Included

Check out our easy-to-follow instructions to properly attach Y-Probe sensors: Newborn and Mom Pulse Ox Y-Probe Attachment Instructions.

Also check out the oximeter manual for full usage and maintenance instructions: Newborn and Mom Pulse Ox Kit Full Instructions Manual. To learn more about our complete line of Fingertip Pulse Oximeters, check out our Buying Guide.

Track oxygen levels of both neonatal and adult patients with this two-in-one Hopkins Newborn and Mom Pulse Ox Kit. This device helps medical professionals monitor infants and adults with the same product, making it a cost-effective option. Featuring a Y-probe sensor with a latex-free silicone belt wrap, this pulse ox kit offers a secure fit on pediatric patients, providing accurate readings while keeping little ones comfortable. For adults, all healthcare workers need to do is to remove the Y-probe sensor, and the device converts to an adult fingertip pulse oximeter. This Hopkins pulse oximeter has a four-color OLED screen, making readings clearly visible. This kit includes a pulse ox, neonatal Y-probe, 10 probe cable stabilization wraps, 10 alcohol wipes, two AAA batteries, and a nylon zippered carry case.

Hopkins Newborn and Mom Pulse Ox Kit
  • Pulse ox
  • Neonatal Y-Probe
  • 10 probe cable stabilization wraps
  • 10 alcohol prep pads
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • Royal-blue nylon zippered carry case

Pulse Oximeters should be used by or in coordination with a trained healthcare professional

Review Summary (Based on 3 Reviews)


5 Stars
Hopkins Newborn & Mom Pulse Ox Kit

wrote ():

Our nursing staff was very happy with the newborn & mom pulse ox kit. It came in a convenient case that nursing can easily spot.

5 Stars
Oximeter for baby and mom

wrote ():

We really like the product and are going to order another one.

4 Stars
Very Handy

wrote ():

I like the peace of mind this product brings after having a grandbaby in the NICU for tachypnea and low sp02/

Hopkins Newborn & Mom Pulse Ox Kit


Two-in-One Pulse Ox Monitors Both Neonatal and Adult Patients

  • Accurate, cost-effective unit
  • New and improved Y-Probe with latex-free silicone belt wrap for light blocking and more secure fit
  • For mom, remove the Hopkins y-probe sensor to use as an adult fingertip pulse oximeter
  • Four-color OLED screen with four rotating views
  • Auto on-off
  • Perfusion index trend
  • Preset alarm for pulse and Sp02
  • Accuracy of +/-2%, 70-100% SpO2
  • 3 year warranty
Hopkins Newborn & Mom Pulse Ox Kit w/Royal Case
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