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Hopkins Handheld Pulse Oximeter

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Pulse Oximeters should be used by or in coordination with a trained healthcare professional.
Combining a cost-effective price point with the high quality you've come to expect from Hopkins products, this Handheld Pulse Oximeter is an essential for home healthcare professionals. Excellent for spot-check applications and continuous monitoring, the Oximeter comes with a two-year warranty for guaranteed use.

Three software settings depending on patient type:

  • Neonatal/Infant: 2-33lb (1-15Kg)
  • Pediatric: between 33-88lb (15-40Kg)
  • Adult: over 88lb (40Kg)

Hopkins Handheld Pulse Oximeter Instructions for Use


Measure pulse rates and oxygen saturation (SpO2) painlessly using the Hopkins Handheld Pulse Oximeter. Three software settings let you perform spot checks on adult and pediatric patients. This handheld SpO2 pulse oximeter also comes with a 39"L Y-probe sensor for use with newborn infants. The compact, noninvasive device features the antimovement digital signal processing technology to maximize signal-to-noise ratio. This enables accurate readings even during motion or low perfusion. Plus, an indicator allows easy monitoring of pulse strength and signal quality at the sensor site.

The Hopkins pulse oximeter with alarm provides visual and audible notifications when pulse rates and SpO2 levels are high or low. A battery indicator also makes it easy to prepare replacement supplies in advance to ensure uninterrupted service during home visits. For convenience, the Hopkins Handheld Pulse Oximeter includes three AA batteries so you can get to work immediately.

Hopkins Handheld Pulse Oximeter (594810)
  • Hopkins Handheld Oximeter with Y-Probe (594301)
  • User Manual
  • 3 x AA Batteries

Hopkins Handheld Pulse Oximeter Kit (594811)
  • Premium zippered nylon organizer
  • 6 Disposable Tape Measurers
  • 10 Hopkins Newborn Y-Probe Wraps
  • 10 Alcohol Prep Pads
  • Hopkins Handheld Pulse Oximeter with Y-Probe (594301)
  • User Manual
  • 3 x AA Batteries

Review Summary (Based on 2 Reviews)


5 Stars
Works well

wrote ():

For the price, this is a great pulse oximeter. I use it for newborns and can get a clear reading within a few moments of having the sensor appropriately placed. I would recommend it to other midwives.

5 Stars
Great product.

wrote ():

Great product. Gives reading right away and works well with neonates.

Hopkins Handheld Pulse Oximeter

Latex Free

Hopkins Handheld Pulse Oximeter

  • Excellent for spot check applications
  • Antimovement digital signal processing technology
  • Accurate pulse oximetry measurements during motion and low perfusion
  • Perfusion index and signal quality index indication
  • SpO2 measurement range: 70%–100%; measurement range for pulse rate: 30–250bpm
  • Audible and visual alarms for high/low SpO2 and pulse rate
  • Low signal quality and battery indicators
  • Includes Y-probe neonatal sensor (39" long)
  • Requires three AA batteries (included)
  • Pulse Oximeters should be used by or in coordination with a trained healthcare professional.
Hopkins Handheld Pulse Oximeter
With Y-Probe
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Hopkins Handheld Pulse Oximeter
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