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Portable Adult and Infant Measuring Unit


Portable Adult And Infant Measuring Units are foldable and easy to transport. With a sliding head/foot piece and a stationary base, this unit is user-friendly for home care personnel to measure patient height precisely. The freestanding design of the portable adult and infant measuring unit doesn't require extra support when measuring different patients. There are locking integral supports as well, stabilizing the base. 

Wood and aluminum materials are resistant to stains and warping, and require little maintenance throughout long-term use. The stationary measuring unit has a weight capacity of 150lb when lying down. The measurement range when lying down is 14.625"–37.875", and when standing, it's 14.625"–83.5".

Review Summary

Portable Adult and Infant Measuring Unit

Accurately Measure Both Adults and Infants

  • Excellent for measuring both adults and infants
  • Lightweight, 15lb design folds for ease of transport and storage
  • Perpendicularly latched stationary base and sliding head/foot piece assure repeatable, accurate measurements
  • Freestanding design requires no external supports
  • Measurement range: laying down: 14.625"-37.875; standing: 14.625"-83.5"
  • Locking integral supports stabilize the standing base
  • Epoxy-sealed wood unit and aluminum measuring rod are stain and warp resistant
  • Accuracy: 0.125
  • 150lb weight capacity when laying down
Portable Adult & Infant Measuring Unit
12"W x 44"L x 17"H
Estimated ship date of 04/27/2021
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