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TherRex Balance Board


Review Summary

TherRex Balance Board

Strengthen Ankles to Prevent Injuries

  • Hemispherical-shaped bottom allows users to exercise and strengthen their ankles in the positions in which sprains occur
  • Two pairs of handles make it easy to use the Board in the seated and prone positions
  • Each pair of handles have two different arcs that correspond to the football-shaped bottom
  • Stops will make sure the board contracts the ground before fingers do to avoid pinch points
  • Designed for exercises to be performed at two different intensities
  • Target muscles are activated up to 100% of maximal muscle contraction to reduce the risk of injuries in the future
  • Functional trainer allows for range of motion across all
  • Football shape allows for all directions of the balance to be the same
  • Stops designed with a flat edge to increase stability and make mounting and dismounting safe and easy
TherRex™ Balance Board
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