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Squid Cold Compression Knee

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These unique sequential intermittent compression systems deliver cold deep into joints and muscles to improve circulation and provide immediate relief from pain and swelling. The multi-chambered Systems are effective, portable alternatives to traditional cryotherapy tools with four pre-programmed settings and a pump, wrap and gel pack included with every Full Unit. '

Deliver immediate relief to patients suffering from swelling and pain by administering the Squid Cold Compression Knee System. It also improves circulation, which may help speed up recovery time. The Squid cold compression system provides four preprogrammed compression levels between 30mmHg–85mmHg as a gradual treatment approach. This process combines a cold gel pack and air-compression wrap as a sound therapy of the knee. 

The cold compression knee device is lightweight and portable for healthcare workers to transport and use at each setting. Its pump has a battery that is rechargeable and lasts for 50 uses when on full charge. The Squid cold compression system delivers durable wraps made of an antibacterial material for easy cleaning and disinfecting. Cold compression packs offer superior comfort, avoiding the hassle of messy water for convenience. The Squid gel feels much colder than tap water, delivering a therapeutic result.

Review Summary

Squid Cold Compression Knee

Relieve Pain and Swelling and Improve Circulation

  • Designed to provide immediate relief from pain and swelling and improve circulation
  • Four pre-programmed compression levels from low (30mmHg) to high (85mmHg)
  • Combines an air-compression wrap and cold gel pack
  • Lightweight and portable for ease of use and transport
  • Pump has a rechargeable battery and is good for up to 50 uses on a full charge
  • Durable wraps are made with easy-to-clean antibacterial material
  • Soft Gel Pack provides superior cold and comfort without the mess of water
  • Gel formula freezes colder than water
Squid Cold Compression System • Knee
Full Unit with Wrap and Gel Pack
Squid Cold Compression System • Knee
Squid Cold Compression System • Knee
Gel Pack
Squid Cold Compression System • Knee
Wrap and Gel Pack
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