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Extra Long Flexible Drinking Straw


The Extra-Long Flexible Drinking Straw features three flexible positions that allow it to bend, letting the patient drink in the most comfortable position. It provides stability and flexibility for hands-free drinking. The straw allows for cutting with scissors to fit the desired length. The extra-long drinking straws feature a propylene build for strength. A flexible section at each end and at the center allows the patient to bend the straw to a convenient position. The flexible drinking straws are Bisphenol-A free and environmentally friendly. The straw allows for washing and is reusable for long service. This 28’’ extra-long drinking straw has an inside diameter of 0.35’’, is clear in color, and comes in 10 pieces per packet.

Review Summary

Extra Long Flexible Drinking Straw

Reach Your Straw in Any Position

  • Bend at three points for ease of use in virtually any position
  • Can be easily cut with scissors to reach your desired length
  • Washable, BPA-free polypropylene
  • Environmentally friendly, reusable straws
28" Extra Long Flexible Drinking Straw
Estimated ship date of 03/08/2021
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