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Patient Transfer

Move Your Patients with Confidence with These Patient Transfer Solutions

Hopkins Medical Products knows how important it is for healthcare professionals to have safe, reliable, thoroughly tested patient transfer solutions always at the ready. That's why we carry a sizable selection of slide sheets, transfer boards, transfer belts, and other patient transfer solutions designed with safety and durability at the forefront.
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Clients with limited mobility issues deserve the dignity that patient transfer solutions like rigid transfer boards provide. Build their confidence and make them feel secure with quality items from a company with 75 years of experience in medical retail. Hopkins Medical Products® features a host of transition mechanisms, including gait transfer belts and swivel pads to help safely move wards.

Patient transfer boards and swivels

Patient transfer boards assist caregivers in transitioning seated clients from a wheelchair to a toilet. Most feature a smooth side to facilitate the move without over exerting caretakers and a textured flip side that grips to surfaces and helps to stabilize the board for safer transfers. Boards come in one handed models for simple transfers that only need one aid and two handed models ideal for more advanced transfers. Look for planks made of durable, easy to clean materials like polyethylene for a rigid build that helps patients feel secure during the move. Modify the shape of boards that feature special lengthwise grooves to improve safety and increase ergonomics further. Alternatively, swivel pads make it easier to move nonambulatory patients by creating a central axis for them to spin on. In either case, always remember to check the weight limit of your transfer device to ensure it can support your client's weight and where necessary, implement fall prevention solutions.

Gait transfer belts and bands

Guide sitting patients as they walk or transition from one seated location to another with the help of a gait transfer belt or bands. Belts wrap all the way around a patient's waist, and caregivers secure them in place with attached clips or a buckle. Resize adjustable belts to fit multiple patients or to accommodate changes in weight. Belts with multiple horizontal and vertical handles provide grip points at various angles and locations to assure wards and make movement easier. Comfortable, padded belts make a smart choice for patients who expect to wear their transfer device for extended periods. Bands slide around a patient's waist but don't have clasps to hold them. Instead, they hang loose, and health professionals can use the reinforced handles on either side to lift and transfer clients. Choose belts and bands you trust from Hopkins Medical Products and always keep a supply of wound care products on hand for emergencies.

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