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Fluid-Resistant Boot Covers

The manufacturer of the Fluid-Resistant Boot Covers uses a fluid-resistant, breathable multi-ply material to produce the part above the ankles. They use a fluid-proof polypropylene coating below the ankle that stops liquids from passing through. The fluid-resistant shoe covers give the user protection against bed bug infestations while working in infested areas, as well as coverage when entering an enviroment with a highly contagious patient. Breathable fabrics provide an optimum mix of comfort and protection. Heat-sealed seams on these boot covers assists in reducing the chance of fluid penetration when in use. These one-size-fits-most fluid-resistant shoe covers are suitable for any situation demanding a high level of fluid protection. They are available in two sizes, regular and extra-large. 

Review Summary

Fluid-Resistant Boot Covers

Latex Free

Nonskid, Multilayer Design

  • Knee-high coverage from breathable, fluid-resistant material above ankle
  • Provides protection against bed-bug infestations
  • Impervious, coated polypropylene below ankle for maximum fluid protection
  • Heat-sealed seams reduce chance of fluid penetration
Non-Skid Multi-Layer Boot Covers
Regular (up to men's size 12)
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Non-Skid Multi-Layer Boot Covers
Extra-Large (up to men's size 15)
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