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EyeGuardian Sleep Aid

Review Summary

EyeGuardian Sleep Aid

Latex Free

Protect Patients' Eyes While They Sleep

  • Ideal for nighttime wear by patients who suffer from chronic dry eye and ocular pain
  • Excellent for use regardless of how the patient sleeps
  • Safe, transparent eye protection has a waterproof seal
  • Easy to lift and reposition if it needs to be removed during the night
  • Hypoallergenic and gentle on skin and eyelashes
  • Allows users to cover only one eye or both
  • Reduce skin tears, reddened, or bruised eyes
SharnSelect™ EyeGuardian® Eye Covers • 200 Patches per Box/100 Pairs
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SharnSelect™ EyeGuardian® Sensitive Eye Covers • 200 Patches per Box/100 Pairs
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