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Wheelchairs & Patient Transport

Wheelchairs Designed for Most Limited Mobility Patients

No matter what wheelchair configuration you need, there is a good chance you'll find it here. Wheelchairs and Patient Transport solutions from Hopkins Medical Products are designed to keep your patients safe and provide you with ease of mobility and maneuverability.
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Approximately 75 million people around the world need to use a patient wheelchair for mobility. As a care provider to a client who has a disability that requires a transport chair, choosing a comfortable seat that helps them move around with dignity is an essential part of the job. Hopkins Medical Products® offers an array of premium patient transport chair options and accessories like heavy-duty scales and oxygen tank supports to help improve quality of life so clients can remain in the homes they love.

What to look for in a portable transport chair

Padded seats with embossed upholstery provide additional comfort for all-day use, while quick-clean materials like vinyl make everyday maintenance a straightforward process. A chair with a chart pocket behind the backrest keeps vital information, paperwork, and favorite word puzzles close at hand. Opt for elevating and swing-away leg rests that adjust without the use of tools to ensure patients can maneuver their legs with minimal effort even when you're not there to provide support. A durable powder coating for metal makes transfer seat frames chip-, scratch and fade resistant.

Specialty options for patient wheelchairs

Choose a wheelchair with an extra-large seat and dual crossbars for heavy-duty support. These chairs are a prime solution for bariatric patients and can often hold up to 500lb. Transport chairs with dual axles allow for transition between hemi height for patients shorter than 5'5" and standard height for taller people. Consider an oxygen tank holder if a nonambulatory client also exhibits breathing issues and requires a concentrator. Encourage semi-mobile patients to navigate their personal space and other short distances with a stabilizing walker they can trust.

Portable transfer seat and bariatric patient scales

Care professionals with multiple wheelchair-bound patients in varied homes may benefit from a scale comprising four super-lightweight monitoring pads. Lay the pads on the floor and roll the chair and client into place. When finished, pack up the equipment and visit your next patient. For home health aides who dedicate their time to a single person, choose heavyweight scales designed to accommodate wheelchair and bariatric patients. These feature casters and a collapsible frame for improved maneuverability and convenient storage. Digital scales with a pretare feature display the weight of the patient minus the weight of the chair, while a body mass index (BMI) function calculates fat volume automatically. Look for 0.1lb graduations for precise readings.

Choose Hopkins Medical Products for quality mobility devices

Hopkins Medical Products has 75 years of experience providing care advocates with the tools they need to support their limited mobility patients from the comfort of home. We offer these and other patient transfer chair options. For clients with temporary or light mobility problems, consider products from the line of canes and crutches.

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