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Stadiometers for Adult and Pediatric Patients

Stadiometers are an essential height-tracking tool for medical professionals. We offer a wide assortment in wall-mounted and portable styles. Portable units are an especially excellent choice for traveling healthcare providers. We also offer accessories, such as carry cases, for easy transport.
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Consider wall-mounted and portable stadiometers to read patient heights precisely. Traveling home healthcare nurses can use portable height-tracking models that offer lightweight construction and compact design. They're suitable for pediatric and adult use, measuring height in inches, feet, and centimeters. Analog and digital stadiometers are available to meet all preferences for home health workers. Mechanical stadiometers typically come with installation hardware for easy mounting. Digital stadiometers with touch-free functions prevent any cross-contamination. Browse replacement parts like sturdy headpieces and knobs. Easy-glide bearing stadiometers offer smooth functioning throughout frequent use. Materials include vinyl lamination, which protects stadiometers when cleaning them with disinfecting materials.

Durability and efficiency of professional stadiometers

Select mechanical stadiometers feature high-end aluminum material, which adds durability. When not using a stadiometer, the medical staff can fold the headpiece and take advantage of the retractable design. Installation hardware comes with height measurement instruments, ensuring instant use. Most headpieces consist of durable polycarbonate material, which offers impact resistance. Headpieces are easy to use, and they assure precise height measuring with consistency. Some stadiometers have a tightening knob and a tension spring for quiet operation in medical rooms. Most public healthcare facilities also need patient self-management supplies such as advanced wound care kits for emergency injuries.

Practical features of stadiometers

Scales and measuring rods work in symmetry to ensure accurate height readings during examinations. Advanced stadiometers offer a hands free design to minimize the chance of cross contamination in hygienic environments. Measurements are available in feet, inches, centimeters, and millimeters. LCD screens with backlights show readings in a clear fashion to eliminate errors. Users may need an AC adapter or AA batteries for digital height measuring tools. Medical employees can place touch-free stadiometers on a countertop or table depending on room dimensions. Choose automatic or manual calibration options for optimal results.

Browse portable stadiometers with carrying cases

Look for specific stadiometers that come with carrying cases, enabling easy portability. The flexible strap in cases makes it easy to carry the height measuring unit and various patient aids when visiting patients at home. Replacement parts are convenient as well, serving as the backup in case a tightening knob wears out. Browse stadiometers at Hopkins Medical Products® to comply with medical standards.

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