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Patient Self-Management

Ready Your Patients for Effective Self Care

It is critical that certain patients are prepared to monitor their own progress upon discharge. Our self-management kits empower patients to track their treatment regimens and improve their health. Our kits include scales, pill planners, pulse oximeters, and other self-management essentials. Stock up on these kits and equip your CHF, COPD, and other patients with them to decrease the chance of costly re-admissions and increase patient satisfaction.
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Managing a chronic illness is critical in ensuring patients experience a better quality of life, helping them alleviate the discomforts associated with an ongoing illness. Patient self-management is about educating patients regarding self-care at home. It also involves giving them supportive tools that allow them to manage their long-term health problems better. Encouraging patients to make good choices and equipping them with suitable medical supplies helps build a sustainable and collaborative relationship between healthcare providers, patients, and their families. A simple wound care kit, for example, is an effective way of caring for wounds at home and is a must-have item in every home for when an emergency strikes.

What do patient self-management kits include?

Offering self-management kits at discharge helps patients monitor their progress. For those battling chronic illnesses like asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and congestive heart failure (CHF), self-management kits are a boon. Based on the type of illness, most discharge kits include useful supplies, including pill planners, thermometers, digital scale, blood pressure measuring tools, and useful literature to guide patients on their road to recovery and wellness. For patients with complex wounds, an advanced wound care kit helps them tend to their wounds. A wound care kit aids faster healing and prevents infection at surgical sites. Wound care kits come with essentials such as a wound care guide, antibiotic and antibacterial ointments, and sterile gauzes. Sterile cotton balls, cotton tip medical applicators, and tongue depressors often feature in wound care kits.

COPD and CHF patient care kits

Providing COPD and CHF patients with self-management kits is a good way of empowering them to manage these serious chronic illnesses better. COPD and CHF kits prevent expensive hospital admissions enhancing patient health and safety. A COPD kit includes helpful tools like pill planners, pulse oximeter, and peak flow meters. Pulse oximeters are particularly useful for those with heart and lung problems since they monitor oxygen saturation throughout and can alert to falling oxygen levels. A COPD self-management kit offers more peace of mind to those suffering from respiratory and cardiovascular problems. Shop Hopkins Medical Products® for a wide variety of patient self-management kits that help your patients live normally while improving care and treatment.

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