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Picture Communication Board

Picture-Communication-Board Picture-Communication-Board


Overcome speech and linguistic barriers with a Picture Communication Board. It enables nonverbal patients to convey physical, emotional, and medical information through simple phrases and a one dimensional keyboard. This patient communication board allows individuals to take part in their care and reduce anxiety and frustration levels. Improved communication and quality of care generally results in increased patient satisfaction, which may lead to a more positive health outcome.

This nonverbal communication board offers an effective means for patients to show their current state, as well as to express their needs and wants. Body outlines and a visual pain scale also make it easy to determine the type, source, and degree of pain the patient may be experiencing. Bring more value to your healthcare practice with this Picture Communication Board.

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5 Stars
So easy to use!

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I bought this for one of my resident's who exhibits a severe speech intelligibility disorder! This board is so easy to use and the staff loves it. She is now able to communicate her wants and needs to physicians and nurses. This communication board not only improved her quality of life but her independence as well!

Picture Communication Board

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Patient Communication Board

  • Medical communication board for non-verbal patients
  • Reduce patient/resident frustration and increase satisfaction with care
  • Patients can express wants, convey needs, and indicate the type, degree and location of pain that they may be experiencing
Picture Communication Board
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