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Silicone Cup Caps

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Silicone Cup Caps

Latex Free

Eliminate Spills with Self-Sealing Cup Caps

  • Protect clothing, furniture, and flooring from spills and stains
  • Insert a straw through the seal to get liquid out
  • Autoclave and dishwasher friendly
  • Virtually spill proof, nontoxic, and chemical free
  • Self-sealing Cup Caps stretch to fit over mugs, glasses, cups, or cans
  • Includes one 3.1” diameter cap and one 2.3” diameter cap
  • Excellent for small children or people with unsteady or weak grips
  • Antimicrobial material with silver nitrate minimizes the spread of germs and infection
Silicone Cup Caps • Fits 3.1"Dia and 2.3"Dia
Estimated ship date of 08/21/2020
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