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Vascular Access Ultrasound Phantom

Review Summary

Vascular Access Ultrasound Phantom

Latex Free

Reduce Error Risks with Hands-On Training

  • Excellent training tool for introducing and improving techniques and psychomotor skills associated with ultrasound-guided vascular accessing
  • Flesh-colored material has the tactile feel and puncture resistance of human tissue
  • Can be accessed and imaged from the top, side, or bottom surface
  • Has a small superficial vein, midsized vein with bifurcates into two smaller vessels, and a large, deeply placed vein
  • Reusable phantom can be accessed thousands of times and is self-healing
  • Comes prefilled with stain-resistant simulated blood
  • Clean with warm water and mild soap and apply talcum powder once dry
  • Blood needs to be replaced before using after 3-4 weeks of nonuse
Vascular Access Ultrasound Phantom
8oz Simulated Ultrasound Blood
Estimated ship date of 04/26/2021
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