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Hospice & Palliative Care Supplies

When Comfort is of the Utmost Importance

When every touch matters, choose supplies that are made for gentle care and to preserve your patients' dignity. Here you'll find hospice and palliative care essentials that are designed to help you provide the most positive experience possible. Never let your patients doubt that they are in the best hands. Choose supplies that let them know you care.
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The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 40 million people require hospice care and this requires a steady stream of palliative care supplies. These are people often nearing the end of their life through old age or because of disease or illness. Hopkins Medical Products® offers an expansive array of premium hospice care supplies so you can provide the attention and dignity patients deserve. Stock your arsenal with a range of germ-killing sanitizers and cleaners, wound care utensils and personal protective equipment (PPE) with single-use PPE dispensers and other hospice nurse supplies.

Palliative care equipment

Find a wide range of palliative care supplies, including digital thermometers, bitter fit test kits, and single-use methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) kits. Bathe patients in the comfort of their own beds with inflatable shampoo basins and bathtubs or provide neck and shoulder support at a sink with a hair washing tray. Remember to get quality personal care products for a relaxing experience. Use wheelchair scales to record the weight of wheelchair-bound clients accurately. Choose a collapsible version with wheels for convenient setup and storage.

Hand sanitizers, cleaners, and spill kits

Control the spread of infection, bacteria, and disease with hand sanitizers and cleaners that kill 99% of microorganisms with proper application. Look for formulas effective against MRSA, vancomycin-resistant enterococci (VRE) and other difficult-to-kill infections to protect healthcare facilities. Choose antibacterial disinfectants in a variety of sizes ranging from single-use mini-packs to volumes suitable for whole-office use. Moisturizing agents like aloe vera in hand sanitizer condition hands with each use. Clean up chemical and other hazardous spills with tool kits that include a variety of tools geared toward safe and easy sanitization. Look for kits with latex-free materials for care advocates with sensitive skins.

Wound care supplies

Select bandages from a broad spectrum of sizes designed to fit joints, fingertips, knuckles, and other body parts made from hypoallergenic materials with long-lasting adhesives. Cohesive bandages stick to themselves but won't adhere to skin or hair, promoting pain-free care and unrestricted compression. Conforming bandages have a lot of stretch so that they conform to the contours of application sites, making them an ideal choice for securing wound dressings in difficult-to-bandage areas. Choose advanced wound care kits to ensure you have all the utensils needed to clean damaged tissue and minimize the risk of infection. Keep them in easy-to-reach places for emergencies.

PPE and PPE dispensers

Shield care professionals from contamination and control infection by providing quality PPE gear. Latex and vinyl gloves supply defense against low to moderate threats, while latex-free nitrile exam gloves afford moderate to high exposure protection. Disposable gowns deliver a full-body fluid-resistant barrier, and safety glasses keep small particles and caustic liquids from reaching the eyes. Keep stashes of PPE gear in strategic locations with PPE dispensers to organize bulk items. Hang dispensers on magnetic surfaces with a simple-to-install magnetic mounting kit. Let Hopkins Medical Products supply you with the premium hospice care supplies you need.

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