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How to Choose Single Patient Diagnostic/MRSA Kits

Single Patient Diagnostic/MRSA Kits Buying Guide

Often referred to interchangeably as single patient diagnostic kits or MRSA kits, these equipment kits are ideal for high-risk care settings and can be left in the patient’s room or home in between visits. Learning how to choose single patient diagnostic/MRSA kits is helpful for any setting where care providers work with highly contagious patients who must stay separated from other patients. With these kits, patients receive the care they need without putting care providers and their other patients at risk. In addition to being tools for patient care, MRSA kits are an infection control tool that can limit the intra-facility spread of contagious diseases. If you are trying to figure out where to buy isolation (iso) kits, use these factors to find the right solution for your facility.

Choosing the Right Set of Instruments

When you ask, "What is a MRSA kit?" note that these kits help healthcare providers get important diagnostic information for patients who are being treated in isolation. The spread of highly contagious diseases in hospitals and other healthcare settings is a significant concern for leadership. A kit that shields the healthcare provider from contagions is essential. These kits also limit the risk of inter-facility spread, a crucial benefit for facilities that often see patients who live in nursing homes or other group care settings. An important part of selecting the right MRSA patient kit is knowing which instruments you need for each work environment and each patient. Most basic kits have:

  • Disposable Aneroid Blood Pressure Unit
  • Disposable stethoscope
  • Biohazard disposal bag

Some options also have a thermometer, helping care providers track a contagious patient's change in temperature. A dual-head stethoscope offers an upgrade from the standard stethoscope, allowing care providers to hear vital signs more clearly. Certain single patient diagnostic kits also have a pulse oximeter to track a patient's oxygen saturation level, a key metric for many contagious diseases. With a pulse oximeter, healthcare professionals can safely track the Sp02 levels of a patient in isolation.

Depending on the care setting you are shopping for, you may find it helpful to keep a variety of kits on hand. Doing so ensures that each care provider can get the exact kit they need for each situation. This prevents them from having to make multiple trips, risking additional exposure, or disposing of extra items and wasting them.

Personal Protective Equipment Options

Another factor that differentiates iso kits is whether or not they contain personal protective equipment. When working with patients who have MRSA or other highly contagious diseases, PPE is an essential part of a facility's plan to keep care providers safe from exposure. If your facility has disposable PPE that is widely available and easy to access outside of each patient's room, kits with additional PPE may not be necessary. If your facility has limited PPE reserves or only keeps PPE in a few select areas, disposable kits are very convenient.

Most MRSA kits that come with PPE include a full set, which includes a gown, gloves, face mask, eye shield, head cap, and shoe covers. In care settings where every moment matters, having PPE packaged with medical equipment streamlines the process of getting ready to tend to an isolated patient. Additionally, the inclusion of a biohazard bag in each kit makes it easy for healthcare professionals to dispose of contaminated PPE before they see other patients.

Options for Your Patient Base

To be fully prepared for whatever situation your care providers face, ensure that you have the proper iso and MRSA kits on hand for the patient base. MRSA kits are available with various blood pressure cuff sizes, including child, small adult, adult, and large adult. This allows care providers to easily measure patient’s blood pressure without causing discomfort or risking an inaccurate reading.

When considering where to buy iso kits, keep patient allergies in mind. The MRSA kits at Hopkins Medical Products® do not contain any natural rubber latex, a feature that allows patients with latex allergies to receive appropriate care for their diagnosis.

Ease of Identification and Use

In an emergency, care providers should be able to grab an isolation kit, get ready in their PPE, and enter the patient's room rapidly. That's why kits that are easily identifiable offer significant benefits to healthcare facilities. This feature is especially important if your facility serves patients in isolation and patients in standard care rooms, as care providers are less likely to mix up the kits when they are color-coded.

When deciding how to buy single patient diagnostic kits, look for kits with brightly colored items that distinguish them from other diagnostic kits. For example, ISO kits are made with high visibility yellow nylon cuffs while MRSA kits, have a white PVC cuff.  All products are of course without national rubber latex. Many kits also include red biohazard disposal bags, which ensure that items are handled and disposed of properly when they are no longer needed.

Another feature that makes single patient diagnostic kits easy to use is a lightweight design that doesn't slow down healthcare providers. Most of these kits come in disposable units or nylon bags, so healthcare specialists can grab one on the go and get to the patient's room as quickly as possible.

Isolation kits and MRSA kits are critical care tools in healthcare facilities across the country, ensuring that healthcare specialists maintain a high quality of care when working with highly contagious patients. These kits protect both healthcare providers and the patients they serve, decreasing the risk of institution-wide spread of communicable diseases. No matter which patient base you serve or which diagnostic tests you routinely run, Hopkins Medical Products offers many single patient diagnostic kit options for your institution.

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