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CHF Patient Self-Management Kit

Two of the most important components of reducing readmissions for CHF patients are effective weight management and medication compliance. Our kits contain evidence-based curriculum that helps CHF patients achieve both of these critical goals.


  • 54% fewer in-hospital days
  • Up to 73% fewer readmissions
  • 25% higher satisfaction
  • 16% fewer ER visits

Effective weight management and medication compliance are two of the most important ways to reduce hospital readmission and ER visits for congestive heart failure patients, Use these  CHF Patient Self-Management Kits to help keep patients home where they are more comfortable. Each kit includes a heart failure patient transition of care curriculum, a 440lb capacity scale, and a pill planner. An included zippered tote with three pockets enables convenient transport of this CHF kit. The evidence-based curriculum in CHF kits has resulted in up to 73% less hospital readmissions, 16% fewer emergency room visits, and more than 50% less hospital days. 

  • Heart Failure (CHF) Patient Transition of Care Curriculum
  • 440lb Capacity Scale
  • Pill Planner and 3-Pocket Zippered Tote

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CHF Patient Self-Management Kit


Patient Transition Kit with Convenient Tote

CHF Patient Transition of Care Kit with Tote
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